That is actually one of the first lies I’ve ever told you. But if you ask me to recall any of the previous lies I’ve already told you, then you are simply out of luck because my memory is a bit dodgy to begin with.

Picture This

What if you had the ability to encapsulate any single particular moment with the slightest means of a gesture? Let’s be real: the real world has so much to offer us in terms of opportunity, scenery, perfection, balance, timbre, color, beauty. If you had the ability to emulate said power, then perhaps you can better enhance the quality of your photography skills. Higher resolution photographs delicately elicit the finer details of existential objects, thus allowing for a permissible environment.

Picture Me Here

Whilst you do finally have access to these newer forms of DSLR technologies, it is of extreme importance that you do not forget the primary reason and motivation for such upgrade(s). Sometimes originally captured photos serve a more promising role in your personal gallery of artwork rather than a pristine glossy finish of a high-class local photographer. Never underestimate your own individual capabilities or sell yourself short. You are but a blossoming French bouquet amid a fresh fauna of flora.


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