Oh, and don’t forget that Big Brother is watching, too. Well, Big Brother in addition to the NSA, CIA, FBI, SWAT, NCIS, and probably any other four-letter or three-letter governmental or nongovernmental agency that can’t wait to pry their sly little eyes on your top security clearance blog post.

Take A Picture—It’ll Last Longer

What’s very delicate with regard to the 21st century is the undeniable fact that you are in fact being monitored. Whether you choose to accept it or not is entirely besides the point, because what truly matters in this particular blog is the perceptive means by which such invasive techniques are utilized for website usability testing.

Always Watching

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One of the bigger things we’ll always have to take into account is the sluggish *nervously chuckles* manner in which we implement such eye-tracking technology. Though a much more common form of wearable eyewear, these glasses still carry effective analytical purposes when the participant exercises certain skills and performs certain tasks. Nevertheless, it is a crude and developing technology that still serves a powerful and promising outlook for future uses, namely in public societal context.


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