Imagine working on the exact same project as four of your fellow peers. Imagine following the exact same rubric. Imagine receiving the exact same multimedia. Now, imagine the outcome.

What’d You Think Was Going to Happen?

So…all of your mockups will look and appear exactly the same then, correct? Especially if each of you pursued the exact same routine and obviously operate on the same level of mentality as your next coworker, right? Perhaps in an ideal world, maybe. But wowwee, we have some chastising to do if this is the conclusion you came to.

That’s Alright, Child

Okay, so maybe your work doesn’t imitate that of the other dude sitting two chairs down, but you collectively contribute to a greater cause. By assigning a small group of people the same job, the overseer juggles with the ability to not selectively pick and choose, but to integrate each of your strong points into the ultimate masterpiece of perfection. What is this tactic called when you parallel someone else’s design? The Parallel Design Method, of course!

Seeing Isn’t Believing, But It Sure Is Damn Good Enough

As you can see in the screenshot embedded below, we have the progressive mockup as it evolves from one person’s work to another. The result is quite pristine.

image of a website in wireframe, design comps, and live


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