It’s all about the user. Because it’s all about the user, we’re gonna have to tailor 100.17% of our website so that each external interaction is crisp, clean, and ultimate.

Meh, Good Enough for Me

Let’s reflect a bit. Earlier last month, we learned about organization schemes and organization structures. Having come to the conclusion that there is in fact more than one way to approach and analyze a website’s content, we should be aware that there needs to be a way for us to cohesively cater to the customer. Information architecture provides the general medium for us to communicate our concerns by allowing us to organize, structure, and label our content thus far.

Still Not Good Enough

Not only should we be concerned about the aforementioned topics, but we should also know of the repercussions of being ill-informed.

Three key points are distinctively discussed by Rosenfeld and Morville in their “information ecology” venn diagram: context, content, and users. Each of these comprise a singular constituent in the making of our organization, structuring, and labeling.

In addition to their venn diagram, the duo also contributes extensively to the field by further defining the scope and meaning of IA: to help users understand where they are, what they’ve found, what’s around, and what to expect. 


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