What goes down must stay up. Take advantage of the fact that you can collaborate with a group of individuals to achieve a highly professionalized end result. But forget not your role: decide on a strategic means of achieving said goal, and stick to it…because the most influential part of any decision is its plan.

What Goes Down

As a team, you will often encounter issues of equal input and effort, which is where a project plan would come into play. An objective, the scope, a set schedule, the resources, and the deliverables are the primary constituents of a project plan. If we are able to identify a particular end-goal, we will effectively annunciate the important parts of our venture. Essentially, “what goes down” in this venture is the conglomeration of many things that occur behind the scenes of a project.

Must Stay Up

Just as all the greats say, consistency truly is key. This is why you must stick to exactly what you planned and not stray from the plan. Otherwise, bedlam will ensue, and I can promise you that it will not be conducive to a healthy environment.


We will discuss more on usability in the following days to come, but for now we shall give a brief overview as to what defines usability: “usability goals should measure your users’ ability to accomplish tasks on your site. This will tell you whether your site is effective, efficient, and satisfying to your users.”


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