No, really. Go on. Tell everyone and everyone’s mother(s) about that one time you accidentally punched the wrong number into the vending machine and it spat out a pack of gum instead of that super-ultra-rare-special-flavored bag of Cheetos.

Poor You—Feeling Blue?

Whilst you empathize with yourself, it is important to note that social media networks are not only aesthetically designed to attract your attention, but to incarcerate it for as long as possible.

Among the happiest and cheeriest of colors is, drumroll please, BLUE!!! Wait, if I’m feeling blue then how on earth could it be a happy and cheerful color?

Psychology findings indicate that the lighter, warmer hues of blue emit a familiar or welcoming aura, thus enticing the viewer to expend trust into the newly anthropomorphized website.

Side note: The color blue is actually a unisex color, or gender neutral in terms of association with a particular gender.

Rant About It

Now that we’ve come to terms with our frustration, we must tell the world about it. But where? Where on the interwebs can we go to expel said animosity? Where can I find a warm website that will listen to all of my needs?

social media logos

Think blue. Twitter. Facebook. WordPress. Tumblr. Blue, an ironic color scheme considering the fact that each post spreads like wildfire, is the color we can trust.

After all, anything that has ever gone viral stems from a blue-based website.

“Ellen’s Selfie, OMG,” courtesy of Twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.43.55 PM

“The Facebook Cat,” courtesy of Facebook:

“Up Next On Who Wants to Burn This Dress,” courtesy of Tumblr:


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