“I did really good on my math test,” said every grammar-less child ever.

You Really Only Had One Job

Why on earth would anyone waste his/her time absorbing information if it is neither accurate nor presented correctly? Would you ever believe anyone if they said something entirely nonsensical?

Am I speaking a foreign language here?

Maybe? Okay fine. Now please read this digitally devised email and a Market Domination Media CEO’s humorous retort:

The email subject line of, “Most bestest Contents for u” is amazing, as is the body of the email. Even more amazing is that businesses respond to these solicitations and put their website content in the hands of these “writers.”
 — Jonathan Long

Oops, You Did It Again!

Amazing yes. But perhaps not quite as amazing as the following series of photographical eff-ups:

1. Tasteless sugar, eh?

2. Okay that’s all fine and dandy now, but I’m not available until 31st April.

3. But my diet doesn’t know any better…

4. Pardon? Since when?

5. R.I.P., Paramount.

6. I can see the headlines already: “Yale Screws Up Big Time With Small Time Website.” For many, a blinding series of color combinations is enough to grant eternal damnation. For others, a moving background of visual objects in JavaScript. They value their artsy-fartsy skills a little too little at this prestigious institution.


Side note: The textually-based excerpt, enlarged below, also indicates a higher level of intelligence exemplified by Yale associates.


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