…keeps the salesman away—or so we thought. Introducing Apple’s latest lineup of technological advancements from two interesting perspectives.

Hot Wires and Cold Valves

You Can’t See the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus’ Biggest Changes
— Tim Moynihan, WIRED

Well, yeah. With a pitiful title like that I can almost guarantee you that Apple product sales just went out the window with respect to any regular or returning WIRED magazine subscribers. I mean damn—I almost cried my eyes out and agreed to proceed with the funeral procession after skimming Moynihan’s piece.

All jokes aside, let us (cautiously) peruse the site and the site’s portrayal of the newest additional to the family/Apple/apple tree.

In terms of typography, we note that the site alternates between serifed and sans-serifed fonts, the former comprising the title, body, and headers; the latter comprising the lede. Perhaps the inclusion of sans-serifed fonts was to distract the reader’s eyes only when lesser important but information-dense data is conveyed: social media network sharing, second appearance of the title on the same webpage, menu bar.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree; It Graciously Stumbles Upon a Renewed Birth, Christening a New Genesis

Apple Introduces the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
— Jordan Crook, TechCrunch

Congratulations to Crook for being the least of crooks by actually covering a story with the least amount of bias!!!

Unlike WIRED, TechCrunch actually sections off the main features of the new devices, highlighting the individuality and importance of each. Also very much unlike WIRED, TechCrunch strictly relies on sans-serifed fonts to promote a contemporary look and feel whilst maintaining the same appearance of an online magazine.

Wish to see the most biased form of self-promotional content? Watch Apple’s official iPhone 6s and 6s Plus short film, TV ad, and heck, even the two-hour-long keynote.

Side note: The irony boat sets sail when you notice that the WIRED application is briefly featured in Apple’s TV ad…


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