Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just walk into a store and find all your favorite shoe brands and clothing brands in that one place? Better yet, wouldn’t it be even easier if you could just log in rather than walk in?

Like Attracts Like

Obviously not a new concept, similar products tend to attract similar people, and similar people tend to attract similar people. In this very same manner, similar products attract similar people: this is the very staple of online warehouse companies; they are specifically structured to attract an audience whose interest is somewhat broad but also narrow: broad in the sense that there is a plethora of products, narrow in the sense that there is only a handful of brands that speak to them.

By offering the particular locality in which complementary products are sold, there are more promotions and deals available to such a select audience, in addition to rewards programs and digitally exclusive access. Generally speaking, the products are displayed in a categorical or compartmentalized series of clicks online.

The Downs

For obvious reasons, the very first downside to hosting such a vast online warehouse is that your servers will inevitably exceed capacity. The loading time will be tremendously higher as web traffic increases to your particular website, and an awful lot of these websites utilize too many scripts, images, embedded content, complicated typographies and graphics, or even crowded layouts.


The online jungle of every conceivable product known to (wo)mankind.

Don’t act like you don’t know what Amazon is. You know what Amazon is. But in case we are playing dumb here, I’ll inform you of the products and services that Amazon electronically provides, namely, based on their department:

  • Amazon Video
  • Home, Garden & Tools
  • Books & Audible
  • Beauty, Health & Grocery
  • Movies, Music & Games
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Toys, Kids & Baby
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Automotive & Industrial


It is a collaborative effort among the lesser known; it represents and stands for the skateboarding culture. Zumiez associates with the following brands and companies, among many others not shown here:

  • Vans: Off the Wall
  • Nike Action
  • Nixon
  • Stussy
  • Obey
  • Toms
  • Adidas
  • HUF
  • Supra
  • Diamond Supply Co.
  • Neff
  • Odd Future
  • Empyre Clothing
  • Penny Skateboards
  • Primitive Apparel
  • The Hundreds Clothing
  • Herschel
  • Volcom


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