Ideally, every company also wants to stand out. How they choose to do so is entirely up to them…so you would think that every logo is different because in order to stand out, you have to be different, right?


Not an apple. The apple.

All it takes is a semi-rotund circle and a Pac-Man-sized bite for one to immediately think of Apple’s logo. Oddly enough, it wasn’t always that way; Apple’s very first logo imitated the exact scene when Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity while perched under an apple tree. Much more complex back then than it is now, it has nevertheless maintained the same two colors of black and white.

Fun tidbit: Extraordinarily enough, an element of sinful bliss and assertive dominance is promoted by the Apple logo. Speculation stirred several years ago when a customer duly noted the striking similarity between the bitten apple logo and the biblical apple of Adam and Eve.


Not a checkmark. The checkmark. Nike_Swoosh_Logo_Black_original

Founded in 1964, Nike has had plenty of germination time to perfect the “swoosh.” Very much like the Apple logo, the Nike logo incorporates a low contrast color scheme. In fact, they are both so low in contrast that one would find it easier and perhaps even more accurate to simply state that they follow a black-and-white color scheme. Notwithstanding that, Nike’s logo is still thought to be even simpler than that of Apple’s, noting the symbolic nature of the swoosh and how it affirms rather than asserts.


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