Isn’t it quite obvious that the home page of ANY website across the World Wide Web is the most important page of all? Two of the largest multinational technology companies showcase their talents for us here today.

Watch and Learn: Apple Takes the Cake

Clean. Simple. Elegant.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 3.04.02 PM

When designing the home page for Apple, online web design experts truly struck gold. Striving for, (and ultimately, achieving) that contemporary and trendy and stylish and exuberant look is what astounds all audiences. Not only are Apple’s products the pinnacle of perfected aesthetics, but even Apple’s website promotes a sheer delicacy, unmarked, unmasked, and unattainable. A slideshow of stylish screenshots assuages the experience, exposing a taste of what’s to come. A formal product lineup is available with easy-access at the heading of each page; dropdown menus are entirely eliminated to promote a hassle-free and frustration-free experience.

Watch and Learn: Google Is It

Cleaner. Simpler. Not quite as elegant, but damn near close.

Absolute cleanliness in the white-washed background is drastically adequate; topped off with the iconic Google logo (See the “Fun tidbit” section.), frosted with a touch of color and personalization, and sprinkled with a hint of modified humor depending on the day’s recognizable event, Google has nearly mastered the art of home page design, and if we’re being honest here, the vast majority of electronic devices have Google set to their home page for every web browser anyway. After all, something’s gotta give when 16.7% of all humans on earth perform Google searches every month (Statistics reported are accurate as of 2013.).

Fun tidbit: Google’s logo has evolved over the last few decades, and so it is interesting to note the drastic changes from day one to day now.


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