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You’re Only As Good As Your Weakest Link

Your online link, that is. Oh, and guess what? Your web presence says an awful lot about yourself…in fact, probably more than you’d ever like it to. With that being said, we need to emphasize the particular elements that help boost your digital portfolio if you ever intend to boost your credibility, ratings, and viewership.

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You’re Only As Good As Your Equipment

That is actually one of the first lies I’ve ever told you. But if you ask me to recall any of the previous lies I’ve already told you, then you are simply out of luck because my memory is a bit dodgy to begin with.

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The Most Expensive and Basic Coffee In the World

If I were to show you a photograph of a green circular object whose company name was circumscribed on an inner ring that bordered a mermaid wearing a star-crown of sorts, what company name would be your first guess?

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I’m Watching You, Wazowski

Oh, and don’t forget that Big Brother is watching, too. Well, Big Brother in addition to the NSA, CIA, FBI, SWAT, NCIS, and probably any other four-letter or three-letter governmental or nongovernmental agency that can’t wait to pry their sly little eyes on your top security clearance blog post.

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But I’ve Got A Blank Space, Baby

Sometimes you just need a break—a break from society, a break from your nagging mother, a break from your bratty baby brother, a break from that overly-exhaustive textually dense article published in some scientific research journal two years ago that amounts to 35 pages of single-spaced verbage.

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Color My World

Shades of puce and greenish hues galore—what more could a professional artist ever ask for? Well, a not-so-shoddy color palette for starters. In fact, why don’t we just see what the pros have done and take it from there?

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Those two acronyms obviously stand for “Color My Yellow Kangaroo” and “Real Good Blueberries.” Am I right? Obviously not.

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More Collaborative Efforts

Imagine working on the exact same project as four of your fellow peers. Imagine following the exact same rubric. Imagine receiving the exact same multimedia. Now, imagine the outcome.

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Week’s Worth of Usable Usability: Testing and Refining

Ultimately, we will reach a stopping point of sorts during our online designing adventures. It is inevitable; ergo, what you should always seek amidst the sea of change is the realm of improvement. Sure, your website is usable. But is it superbly functional? Does is supersede expectations of the greatest websites on the market?

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